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Every Bus 2001

Every Bus 2002



Welcome to Every Bus 2001.
This is a yearly event held at Hagan Stone Park
just South of Greensboro North Carolina.
This year the weather was perfect and over 100
buses were in attendance. A big thanks go to
Chris for coordinating the event. A job well

Peoples Choice Award Winner.

It was a tough decision, with all the nice buses present. I really liked this resto, very well done.

North Road
Here is about one fourth of
the vehicles that attended.
View from Entrance.
This is the site that would have greeted
you as you pulled into the park. Note the
vehicle my girls called the "Ice Cream Truck".
The flouresent murals illuminate by a black
light at night was cool.

Smile John, it's your Birthday!
Unknown guitarist, my daughter Madeleine
and John eagerly await their turn to perfom
at the Hoe-Down.
Jamming on into the night.
The crowd was treated to some excellent folk
and Blue Grass Music. Well done gang!

Under the Big Blue Tarp.
John's home made cover has become
a standard attraction at these bus
Fun for kids of all ages.
Hagan Stone Park is one of Greensboro's
best kept secrets. Several fishing lakes
is only one of their many features.