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More useful Vanagon modifications
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Engine in the works (below)
Getting a new engine ready. Note location of temperature sender. How am I going to add oil?
Fuel pressure gauge.
This gauge is reading fuel pressure. Actual pressure is around thirty six psi so the needle points straight down.  Here I teed into the fuel line, then used a small cut-off valve to better modulate fuel pulses. (below)
Replaced Breather Tower (below).
Eliminating the oil filler leaves you with no way to add oil to the engine. I replaced the breather tower with an Empi part for air cooled VW. At first I was worried oil consumption might increased by losing the oil seperator function. Instead I think it has actualy decreased. The 1/2" copper tube is used for venting the block to the intake.
Closeup of fuel pressure gauge.
Close up of Capacitor modification to AFM to cure Vanagon Syndrome(below)
Closeup of coolant pressure gauge(above).
Capacitor addition to AFM (left).